Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney

You need a Denver car accident attorney If you or your loved one have been injured in a car accident. We provide a free consultation for every case and we can help you put the pieces back together after an accident. Our firm will handle the insurance companies, investigate the accident, vigorously represent your interests throughout the entire process and if necessary, take your case to all the way to trial. Our experienced Denver car accident attorneys can help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (303) 779-5300 and let us help you. Every year, more than 5.5 million car accidents account for property damage, personal injury and wrongful death throughout the country. This equates to no fewer than 15,000 collisions per day – more than one-third of which will result in serious injury to the individuals involved. These statistics aren’t just numbers; they are true testaments to the severity of a problem that persists far after the initial accident has taken place. For the victims of Denver car accidents and auto collisions, the aftermath of an accident can be equally as trying as the collision itself. In fact, sometimes, the hurdles that you are made to jump through by the insurance company and the responsible driver are more upsetting than the accident itself. Rather than struggle through these obstacles alone, instead you can turn to Fisher & Associates for legal support.

After a Car Accident: What should you do?what to do after a car accident

After an accident, victims are expected to follow standard “protocol.” First, contact your Denver car accident attorneys at Fisher & Associates P.C. – (303) 779-5300. Unfortunately, this protocol is less than well-known by many people, especially individuals who are unfamiliar with the legal system and, therefore, have no reason to know the steps expected of them. From taking accident scene pictures to determining the true cause of the accident, legal representation is the most effective way to ensure that the necessary steps are completed which will allow you to most successfully build a case on your behalf. Car accident injuries that are caused by drunk drivers or even texting drivers may seem as if they would be relatively quick and easy to complete. Hardly ever is this the case, however, because insurance companies are less than willing to immediately accept their responsibility to pay for the damages and injuries that may have been sustained in an accident. Instead, they turn to tactics that prey on unsuspecting individuals; tactics that insinuate help, while truly working to deny you the money you truly deserve.

When You Hire Your Accident Attorney, We Assist In Filing a Claim or Lawsuit against the Vehicle Insurance Company

Getting the full amount that your case deserves is a priority at Fisher & Associates P.C. Here, we don’t believe in settling for minimal compensation that will not even cover the bills you’ve incurred as a result of your accident. Rather, we aggressively tackle accidents that were caused by underinsured motorists as well as those that resulted from the irresponsible driving habits of an uninsured motorist. Whether a collision left you injured or claimed the life of a loved one, we are prepared to tackle the case in court. The same is true if your accident was minor, moderate or severe in nature. In all instances, we are ready to take a case to court and fight for the compensation that we know you rightfully deserve as the victim of an accident.

Battling the Car Insurance Company With Your Law Firm

Contrary to what it may seem, insurance companies that come to you soon after your accident and offer you a settlement amount are not always doing so in your best interest. In many cases, this is simply a manipulative tactic used by insurance adjusters who are looking to reduce the claim you might otherwise make. More often than not, the settlement amount that is offered to you upfront is far less than what your accident truly warrants, and far less than what it will take to pay for the expenses of car repairs and doctor’s fees. Countering these schemes is exactly the type of work that we do at Fisher & Associates, and our efforts have been successful for a number of the individuals we have assisted in the past. The same could be true for you. No matter how legitimate your Denver car accident claim may be, the insurance company will inevitably look for a way to delay the process, if not block it altogether. Pretending to act as an advocate for the victims of car accidents, it is easy to be lured into the tactics of insurance professionals who are actually no more than adversaries. Colorado’s Tort Reform can also complicate the process. The changes that have been implemented by law often confuse who is meant to pay and how much is owed after an accident occurs. Insurance companies are more than ready to take advantage of this, preying upon individuals who are unfamiliar with the system. Without legal support on your side, it is easy to be manipulated into settling for far less than what your case truly deserves.

Reliable Legal Representation From Your Attorneys

At Fisher & Associates our Denver car accident attorneys fashion our legal representation after the unique circumstances of the situation. Unafraid of complex litigation, we will not hesitate to bring your case to trial if necessary. Focused on meeting the needs of our clients, we are unwilling to settle for anything less than what we would want for ourselves. That being said, the victims of hit and run accidents fender benders and catastrophic collisions can all turn to our firm with confidence in the representation that will be employed on their behalf.

“With courage, compassion and commitment unlike that which can be found at any other law office, we will represent your case and work toward obtaining the compensation that you both need and deserve. Contacting our firm will supply you with the knowledge and professionalism needed to assertively confront the problem head-on. The burden of fighting with the insurance company will be immediately lifted, and the weight of the problem will be carried by our firm until your case has reached a resolution.”

At Fisher & Associates, your first consultation is free, so don’t wait to contact our office today and speak with a Denver car accident attorney for more information and legal assistance.

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