Child Custody

Our family lawyers understand that child custody issues present serious mental, emotional, and financial challenges. Our unwavering goal is to make sure that you and your family get the best possible results, not just this time, but every time. Fisher & Associates’ dedication to our clients is part of why our attorneys are some of the highest rated, best-reviewed, and most trusted lawyers around.

If you or someone you care about is facing a custody issue then you know that timing can be critical. So don’t wait, call us today at (303) 779-5300 to start protecting you and your family.
100% Free Custody Consultation

The Colorado Custody Lawyers at Fisher & Associates are here to answer all of your questions. We always offer 100% FREE CONSULTATIONS to make sure you have access to the highest caliber representation with a track record of getting results. Our attorneys can help you with any legal custody issue, including:

Getting or Keeping Custody of Your Children
Parenting Time & Decision Making Responsibilities
Child Support
Paternity Issues
Modifying Court Orders
And More!

If you don’t see your issue listed, or don’t know what it’s called, please contact us online or call (303) 779-5300 to find out how our dedicated custody lawyers can help.
Why You Need a Denver Custody Lawyer

Our Denver Custody Attorneys have the skill, knowledge, and experience to help get the results you and your family deserve. Child custody issues can present complex and unintuitive legal procedures filled with technicalities, limitations, and highly specific pleadings. Having a trusted attorney who knows how to navigate the system and get the best possible results can make all the difference in the world. Our family lawyers are dedicated to providing the best legal services so that our clients and their families can have the best opportunities. Don’t leave your family’s future up to chance, contact us today!

Fisher & Associates’ family lawyers can get you the answers you need to questions like:

What are my rights as a parent?
How do I get custody?
Who decides where my children will go to school?
I make the decisions about my child’s health care, right?
How long will this process take?
What are my chances?

When dealing with child custody issues, you need answers to these questions and more to make sure you’re doing everything possible to protect your family’s wellbeing and financial security. Don’t wait, call us at (303) 779-5300 and take the first step to protect you and your children now!
How Can Colorado Custody Lawyers Help You

Our clients are important to us. We promise to always have an attorney personally managing your case because at Fisher & Associates you and your children are a family, not a number. Our top rated attorneys are committed to you every step of the way, dedicating their experienced attention to every detail. To speak with an attorney, call (303) 779-5300 or contact us to set up your free consultation.