Why Seek Legal Help After a Car Accident?

Car Accidents Happen Every Day, So What?

All sorts of car accidents happen every day. The injuries to the driver and passengers in the car being smashed can range from a scratch to very serious. Imagine you are sitting at a stop sign or a red light when suddenly you hear a crash and your car leaps forward. You have been rear ended.

Being completely unprepared, you are shaken and frightened. Typically this kind of injury involves whiplash.The impact yanks the drivers neck and damages his or her spinal column. In a small car, rear seat passengers are most likely to be severely injured or killed. Additional trauma to the driver and riders are possibly knee and ankle injury, and carpal tunnel. From traumatic brain damage and burns to head, ear damage, even hearing loss, occur from the air bag. You need a car accident attorney, one who specializes in rear end accidents.

Who is at Fault?car accident jeep on corvette

The law usually considers that the driver who caused the accident by striking the car in front of him is at fault. Determining who was negligent is extremely important to the rear ended injured party. In some states (Indiana, Florida and California are three), the injured party can sue the person they believe is culpable. The driver who caused the casualty and/or his insurance company is responsible for the damages. Property damage, (the vehicle) requires a rental until that part of the suit is settled. Medical expenses, including an ambulance and monetary pain and suffering are all part of the disaster reformation.

The injured party may attempt to deal with the insurance company to receive compensation. There are few instances that the law does not consider the person rear ending another vehicle at fault. If, however you have been involved in such an accident and are unable to reach a settlement, you need to call a car accident attorney to represent you. You deserve to be made whole, a term meaning recovering damages and payment of all the bills associated with the wreck. Most attorney consultations are 100% free.

The following is a true story of a rear end accident victim:

A woman in Florida was rear ended at a stoplight. That thrust her into the vehicle in front of her. As a result, she was severely injured. The man was attempting to light a cigarette when he struck her. The van he was driving belonged to his employer. He was ticketed for careless driving.

The problem lies with the owners limited coverage on the van. The injured party has had several surgeries and is facing more. She asks how will she be able to recover the money she is due, plus her future needs caused by this accident. It is possible she will sue the company owning the van and the man driving it.

She must hire an accident attorney who will investigate the details, the companies insurance and if the company can afford to compensate her without the insurance. This must be the next step in her journey to restoration. It is sad and heart rending to think what she is facing. She does not have to face it alone though, when she locates a competent accident attorney.